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    Advice/help on wiring headlight, tail and brake light. (bikes runs, no lights!) '76f

    I'm working on a 76 750f with stock wiring. The dash was removed and the eight or so wires going into the dash (for the bulbs) were cut. Bike now starts and runs as it should, but no working lights (head, tail, has no turn signals or high beam switch).

    I need the simplest way to wire the lights. I had the thought of splicing into the wire that comes out of the ignition switch (i think its the red/blk wire on my bike...if you know this to be false please correct me!) and running straight to headlight, brake switch, tail light so that if the key is on it should send power to the lights.

    The second diagram in the thread above shows a simplified wiring diagram that seems to agree with my idea...has anyone "hardwired" or done something similar? Thanks in advance!

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    I have a 76 Super Sport and had the same issue as you. What I did is take the Black/Yellow wire and connected it to the White wire. This powered my headlight (low beam), tail light, and brakes from the ignition. Hope that works for you.

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    Hmmm I seem to be having a similar issue with my '76 750FSS. Don't know if you guys are still on here.

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