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    Fixing up my 1981 Honda CB750F Super sport

    Hello. I've had this bike for a couple years now and want to completely service it and tune it up. I already installed a new battery, new clutch system, new air filter, cleaned the carbs, and other various aesthetic work. Beyond this, I am helpless. It runs pretty good but occasionally seems sluggish and the throttle response seems to get sluggish for a few seconds before catching. When I'm on the highway, I notice that at around 55mph it doesn't seem to want to go any faster. It will, but I don't want to push it. I have a strong feeling that something is going on somewhere in the engine that needs to be addressed. Any ideas? Also, there is an oil leak on the front of the cylinder head right in the center next to a large bolt that I know is important but can't remember why.

    Please helppp! thanks!

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    Do you have pod setup, or factory airbox? I've heard the pods are finicky, most seem to run the airbox with an aftermarket filter element.
    Do you have factory exhaust or headers? Headers usually need to be rejetted.
    Good luck, I'm starting onn my 82 this weekend. New stator 1st, I know it needs that. After that it'll run, just not well, it's been sitting for 5 years, so I've got a JOB ahead of me!

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