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    Rectifier/Regulator Question

    I am assembling my 1978 CB750, and I have a bad rectifier and also and a bad regulator. My question is....I am looking for new ones, but a lot of them are listed as "regulator/rectifier", so I'm wondering if they are combined into one unit, or am I missing something? I just need some help guiding me with buying these. I am still new!

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    Yup. They're combined. They look like this (mostly) and you can get one from Tommy over at
    He has them listed at $85 + the trip. Or you can go on an Ebay safari.
    Tommy's works great though, I've got one of his.
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    Rick's also makes a good one, you may want a new stator too, I read somewhere that a bad stator will fry a reg/rec. I had that problem for 3 yrs before I came on here, my mechanic didn't even know about that problem. Supposedly it's unique to our bikes electrical system.

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