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    77 and 78 Honda 750k side cover emblem

    Hello 750 Honda fans
    I have experienced a lot of times when removing side covers for paint and the 750 emblems have the circular retainers holding them, The pins on the emblems will break because the circular clips dig in the plastic pins and cause them to break, ruining the emblem with only way to fasten them is gluing. these are getting hard to find and are quite expensive. I have developed a way to solve this problem with stainless pins that I fasten to the emblem enabling the removal for paint or to maybe just put on a new or used side cover. The problem from new is the fact that Honda used a pin that was not strong enough.
    If you are interested in seeing my pics of the redo on this matter contact me on my email

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    Why not just post it here where everyone can see??

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    Hi Dirtdigger,
    been trying to find out how to, and would appreciate any assistance. This concept will really help collectors with the problems of breaking plastic pins on emblems that are so hard to find

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    am posting the pics off my phone of the side cover emblem for the 77 and 78 Honda cb750k I will also do similar emblems if neededClick image for larger version. 

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    this is a back of shotClick image for larger version. 

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    here is a front shot showing where center of the letter U will be touched up with black paint to hide pin Click image for larger version. 

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    I probably need to redirect this thread to be I will repair your emblem if you send it to me with side cover , customer would get a complete side cover that will have a emblem with pins that wont break and the emblem would transfer to another side cover if needed. I could still repair it if customer only sent emblem.
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