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    Power to coil but not spark plugs

    Just bought a 1979 CB 750 F. New battery turns engine over. I tested power to the coils, each coil has power. I have no spark at any of the four plugs. I have looked at the wiring diagram, but not sure what would cause zero spark. Thanks to anyone for some help. I have over 20 early Honda scramblerís, which are much easier to diagnose.
    Thanks, Don

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    Hi there,
    I assume you get +12v on the black wires when the ignition is on? If so, that's a start but to get "power to the coil" the other wires (blue and yellow) supply a ground pulse signal via the spark units which are triggered by the pickup mechanism each time the crank spins (similar to points). I'd check with a test light or multimeter that the pickups are working. Also check that primary and secondary resistance of the coils, I think the manual has the expected values but the main thing is that the resistances are not open circuit or shorted to ground.

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    New (to owner) bike, may not even have the spark units..........sold to somebody else. They bolt down over the top of battery.

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