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    95 NH 750 handlebar end mirror help needed

    I have a 95 Honda Nighthawk 750
    I ordered some chrome cafe racer style barend mirrors that slide inside a hollow handlebar but I've seen my handlebars have a solid bar inside which I'm guessing are weights. How can I mount the mirrors ? Are those solid ends removable? Thanks

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    If they put them in you can get them out however the methods can vary. I removed them back in the '80s for sure but can't remember how. Those expanded to be rubber mounted on the OD of the weight. Thinking visegrips used on the end fastening rivet IIRC. The part slipped in and the rivet expanded it when rivet was fastened.

    Most bar end mirrors go into a new custom bar with no weights. Shorter, not as wide, to fit the mirror type.

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    Thanks for the help guys, after drilling for 2 hours and taking some time on fitment i happened to get the handlebar end mirrors installed.
    I hope you think it looks good. Lol
    Visibility is excellent, not too much vibration. So far i like the fit and finish. Ebay for 18.00 is a good investment if they last. Thank you all for your help.
    Let me know what you think.

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