Just joined and would like opinions on repainting the tank, side covers, etc. on this bike. My older brother gave it to me to sell after being garaged for 10 years. Got it running and am now considering cleaning up the appearance by repainting the gas tank etc. The original paint was metallic green but it is faded and doesn't look very good. For resale, am I better off leaving it with the old faded paint or repainting? The side covers are cracked and damaged to the point that I would prefer to buy new and repaint so if I do that, I figure I have to paint the tank and headlight as well. I would prefer to paint it a different color than the original, and would consider something other than any of the original cb750 colors for that year, like a non metallic, and would replace all the decals on the tank and badges too. Would the value or sale price drop if I got away from the original paint? Is it that important from a resale stand point?