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    Handlebar specs 78k

    Dont know if this is the right group to post on sorry if it isn't. Does anyone have the specifications on a 1978 cb750k handlebars looking at aftermarket ones that might have a similar rise,width and pullback. Thanks.

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    In relation to what? The rotation of a bar in the clamp completely changes those numbers except for width. There is no point of reference there (a necessary angle) making the question mostly unanswerable other than by personal preference. I've seen brand new bikes of the exact same model on the showroom floor that varied wildly depending on who assembled them.

    That angle alone marked the Kawasaki triples with that one off super aggressive look or it looked like a clunker until you loosened the bar to put it back 'right'. Right being different things to different people.

    If you are talking about the pinned OEM bars that are highly locked in by the pins for switches the aftermarket doesn't use them and another point of comparison lost as well. I for one always filed the pins off to put the switches in other places, the 'original' location not being right for me at least.
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