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Thread: need a carb kit

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    need a carb kit

    Hey everyone this is my first post, I just bought a 1980 750 that was sitting for a while. It started spitting fuel out of the bottom of carb #1 so I figure I probably should take apart and clean all of them, what is the best kit to buy for this bike? I read that randakk is the best bang for your buck but they are out of stock for this bike currently. Is there another option out there other than ebay/amazon/OEM. Thank in advance

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    I'm looking for the same! Sean that wrote the carb rebuild manual says there's a fella named Fritz around here that does sell the kits... hopefully he sees this and can help us out lol

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    I personally use

    Its a little pricey, but they come form Canada and everything is practically OEM. They have all their parts also sorted by year and make, so you can just look for your bike and see everything it's compatible with. Hope this helps!

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