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    What is the most secure way to purchase a bike on line?

    Gentlemen -

    I am in Chicagoland the bike is in on the West coast. Seems ebay does not protect any vehicle over
    10 years old. PayPal protection does not cover vehicles.?????? What does one do to insure
    that you indeed get what you pay for? He has the bike - He videoed me yesterday on it.
    Surely someone has gone through this situation.

    Thank you for any insight.


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    Surely in Chicago you don't have to bring a bike across the US with the exorbitant costs that entails. I'm here in Dallas and dead sure that if I wait long enough one exactly that nice will show up here local, and usually pretty quick.

    Past that other than seeing bike in person there is no way to be 100% sure of anything. You can't even guarantee that in person. A long distance scam there has a much higher possibility regardless of what you do. Think how hard it is to prosecute crime like that. Why they do it.

    I myself could never do that under any circumstances but then that's just me.

    Do as you will...........

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