Guys and Gals, I'm resurrecting a 1980 CB750C that's sat for a decade or so. Getting lot's of good info here, taking my time but it's not going to be a complete rebuild.

One problem I'm having is with the fuel strainer, how do I get it out?. The petcock came of easily but the fuel strainer is stuck. Looks like plastic so I'm going easy on it. I'll probably just remove it and use an inline filter instead. But I don't want make a mess if there's an easy way to get it out. I'm sure the strainer is clogged up based on how hard it's been to drain the tank through the petcock.

The tank is in pretty good shape, just a little visible rust which I'll deal with using molasses. There was a thread in here about how well that works so I'll give it a go. Should I apply any treatment to the inside of the tank after cleaning it up?

Thanks, DC