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    Just bought my dream bike, now what?

    Twenty years later: my idol is sitting in my garage. I got that thing I was so certain would make me happy, would make me cool.

    My dream isn't currently running. 😊

    I've done the simple stuff I know. Currently in a staring match with the carburetors; the unknown.

    I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn,for this forum. Even grateful for the frustration I know is coming with a 44 year old dream.

    I'll do some research then ask some questions.


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    'I got that thing I was so certain would make me happy, would make me cool.'

    While I will always love bikes, that is a bit too much. NEVER rely on any physical thing to fulfill you that much. It's begging for trouble.

    Do yourself a big fat favor and get a compression test first. So many neophytes buy 40-50 year old bikes to go crazy working on imaginary carb troubles when the engine was dead worn out to begin with. Of course the carbs MAY be junk as bought, but they don't fix junk engines even when in perfect shape.

    And detail the exact model and year, worthless asking for advice not knowing if it is an airplane or an aircraft carrier.

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