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    New here, not to bikes

    New guy here, young guy at heart but with a little age on the body. I'm an avid vintage bike guy hovering to the Japanese models. Have more than I should of the Kawasaki's, 1 Suzuki and a couple little honda's, a 69 blue 50 mini trail and a 1973 70cc 3 wheeler. Looking to acquire a CB750, a 550, a 350 4 and a CL 350 as time and money present themselves.
    1st off, I'm a hot rod guy at heart so I modify my bikes to my taste although, I do not engage in cutting or damaging stock components. I build my stuff around the original hardware. I'll post a couple pics of my former builds tomorrow when I get to my shop computer, no pics on this one.
    I'm a 35 yr plus machinest/tool maker/fabricator. I build all my own custom parts and do all my own major engine work except for extensive head work, big valve and porting. I run and own a commercial machine shop that after hours does custom bike fab and machining. As time goes, I'll divulge more but for now. I'm here looking for knowledge and wisdom from experience.

    Les Holt

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    Welcome, I do hot rodding of the cb 4 motors. Feel free to ask about parts, mods etc when you get to that point. I have pictures of some of my engine builds in my photo galleries. Hope you find it informative.

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