Hi All, I'm new to the forum and have had several vintage bikes over the years. My pride and joy is a 73 Kawasaki H1 that I take to Barbers every year. Last year I sold my 82 750F and immediately regretted it so I found a replacement: a 82 900F (Black/Red)with 14K miles on it. Generally in very good condition. I am in the process of doing a once over, performing various maintenance items so I have a starting point. When I pulled off the ignition cover there was a spoonful of oil in the housing. I pulled the CDI and starter motor clutch and those supporting shafts were in good condition. On the bottom right there is a tunnel which goes 5 inches or so into the engine and drops of oil could be seem hanging from the top of the tunnel. Looks to be below the starter motor assembly. Thanks for every ones assistance. Larry