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    Instructional video database.

    I had an idea for the site but then again maybe im the only inexperienced person on here.

    I wish this site could somehow incorporate some video tutorials.

    When one of you competent CB750 mechanic guru's needed to do some maintenance or any other project on your bike you could set up your camera and talk your way through the process. For example say your bike needs the valves adjusted you could check a list (to avoid redundancy) and if there wasn't a video for "adjusting valves", you could submit your own how to video.

    So after a while there would be a database (continuously growing) of "how to videos" for a lot if not most tasks that one could easily find for their specific bike.

    anyway maybe its more work than it would be worth but who knows.

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    Good idea! on there are vids on setting the timing chain and valve clearances.

    Yesterday I found this one on lacing wheels
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    Yeah that would be great! If anyone makes a video, tag it with the word 'videos' and I'll list it under The Garage as a subcategory and maybe make dedicated page for them.
    - Travis

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