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    Thinking bout opening a shop

    Hey guys. Rich here.
    Been thinking about opening a small bike shop here in West Virginia for quite awhile.

    I've had maybe a dozen cb750s thru the years.

    There is a 79f and an 82k in the garage now.

    Was thinking about specializing, or concentrating on, the 70s thru 90s street scene.

    I'm working an elderly lady that has a storefront right here in town, that she is using
    for storage of a bunch of old books and stuff.
    She used to publish books, but hasn't done anything for the last 10 years or so.

    The winters are long here.
    But, Summer and Fall, we have some of the best riding roads and twisties you could imagine.

    Was thinking along the lines of an Aces Cafe.

    A place where guys could ride or fly in, maybe rent or buy a bike, have some work done, or just hang out for a light meal.

    Any input would be cool.

    If u have ever been to a place that you liked,
    for whatever reason, I'd like to hear about it.

    Thanks guys, keepin the faith, summers coming!

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    Sound great. Wish you were closer to Pittsburgh.

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    What part of WV you in? Always looking for unique destinations and pit stops for group or weekend rides.
    old Honda junkie

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    I'm in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

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