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    New to Me '79 750 LTD Questions

    First post here. I have driven Hondas since I was 16.....68 now. 1967 Super 90, 1973 450, 1981 750C. A few years ago, I bought a Sportster, and sold the 750C...should have kept the Honda. Never bonded with the Harley. Sold the Harley recently and went looking for another Honda. Came across a '79 750K LTD on line with about 5000 miles that looked like new in every aspect.
    Will probably have the bike in a few weeks, and have a question. Believe all the fuel has been drained from the tank and carbs. I always winterized my bikes (I'm in western PA) with the carbs drained, but the tank full. Believe the tank is rust free and NOT coated. Should I fill the tank or leave dry until spring?
    Appreciate any comments.

    Thank you

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    If they use ethanol in the local fuel then empty tank. Actually there is not much difference in your cold location. Cold tank will condense water inside it on metal surfaces as the day gets warmer and the tank breathes in and out with every cold snap. Full tank cannot breathe nearly so much as the volume is fuel mainly but the liquid will expand and contract too though not as much, and then the ethanol is in it to work the water out of any airspace you have left.

    You can always seal the tank cap vent to make it slower with empty tank. As long as tank not in direct sunlight the air will only compress a little and the tank welds will take it.

    Maybe empty tank with oil swished around inside it then rinsed with fuel at end of winter, that would stop condensation inside an empty tank.

    If no ethanol then fill the tank. All the way. I used to do that and then use the drained fuel in the lawn mower to avoid using months old fuel in the bike. A lawn mower will eat anything as far as fuel quality.

    I use ethanol laced fuel (all we can get here) to clean parts, on a humid day there is water in it in 5 minutes.

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    Thanks for the reply. There is a station about 20 min. away that sells only ethanol free fuel. Perhaps, I'll fill a can there and bring home.....was considering doing that anyway. Appreciate the advice.

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