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    Will 1979-82 750F Exhaust bolt up to 1979 750K?

    I have a need for a stock exhaust for my original 1979 750LTD. I've looked on eBay and have only run across a NOS set of pipes and mufflers for a 1979 750F, my question is will it bolt up? I think the pipes will, but will the mufflers bolt in the stock position? The stock 750LTD had a 4 into 4 (like the K), while the 750F had a 4 into 2. Any help is appreciated.

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    You are correct. The rear mounting bolt hole location will be off due to the longer F bike aluminum plate extension, the K type (part of frame on that one) is shorter, there may be some slight up/down difference too. Everything else fits perfectly. The kickstand bumper location on the bottom of pipes might be a problem too.

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