I have a 92 nighthawk 750 im making into a bobber ive chopped about 5 inches off rear subframe and added titanium struts and cut down the seat foam im hoping to mount a seat and rear fender but i also need an extra seat on top of the rear fender thats where it starts to get tricky for me (this is my first road bike build) my girl ( weighing in at 115lbs soaking wet) is the only one riding on the back seat but i still need to make sure it is rigid and well mounted of course i have a milling machine and a lathe and can stick ,mig and tig weld so any help with this guys and gals would be much appreciated and my gf will thank you!!! ... im new to forums so please excuse me if i posted this the wrong way or in the wrong place if anyone is interested in helping me i can add pics soon as i can figure it out.