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    Exclamation First Bike, CB750 Custom, carb issues. Need some help/advice

    I recently bought a 1980 CB750C. Ive been driving it daily for about a month and I'm having several issues with the carburetors. For starters, the bike idles very poorly. In first and second gear the acceleration is uneven and sometimes jerky but it drives completely fine at higher speeds. It also leaks fuel out of the overflow tubes every single time I ride it. I had the carbs cleaned last week and it hasn't helped at all. I still have the original air box on it. Any advise or suggestions? I'm not sure what to do and I don't want to sink a ton of many into figuring this out before even fixing it. Thanks in advance.

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    If they use ethanol in your local fuel then likely a lot of the flooding, rust in tank messing up the carb needles. Ethanol + older bikes = fits.

    Most owners never set the valves ever and that makes them utterly run like crap. A compression test to see how bad yours is. No knowledge of that sends most to the carbs and often in error, although they CAN be a big issue.

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