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    Center Stand

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a 1980 CB750 cafe racer project and I want to put it on a center stand. While it was at the shop for getting the carbs tuned, I ordered a complete center stand assembly for him to install. When I checked in, he has some pretty interesting news. The bottom of the frame where the eyelets normally are for the center stand tube have been cut off and plates welded back on to just be a smooth frame. Is the only way to get a center stand now to find the eyelets or that bottom part of the frame and graft it back in? Pretty sure that's the only shot, but just checking to see if I was missing anything.

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    Yes, welding on frame required, the 'eyelets' were part of the frame and not available without it. If you are thinking of simply slipping in the stand axle and using it only on a temporary basis to then remove after use DON'T. The eyelets have smaller eyelets formed at right angle to hold the clamping bolts that cinch the axle in place tight to retain stand permanently, the bolts left out to simply use the stand as a slide-in tool to hold up bike then leaves the eyelets unclamped and they are too thin in metal thickness to hold up the bike, they then break off in short order. What may have happened to begin with. If you plan on using the stand with it permanently clamped in place then like the original that will work long term.

    Leave those 2 clamping bolts out and the eyelets begin to distort and open up even with one use to begin that breaking off process.

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