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    Fuel restriction somewhere

    So I got my cb750c running and can't figure out my issue. It revs up fine and runs fine but only for a few revs and one or two pulls, after that it will start to cut out about 5000 rpm and not run right until you let it coast or idle for a few seconds, then it'll be okay for a few more revs. It acts like the bowls are getting drained and then not filling back up fast enough to feed the engine, I can't figure out this issue, any help would be great. thanks

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    Remove the nut that holds the tank spigot on, there is a plastic vertical tube filter above it that gets stuck in tank. Clean it. If ethanol is used in your local fuel and tank is rusting it will plug repeatedly.

    What year? The early ones are too small in the spigot anyway, Honda used the exact same passage sizes as the 350 and 550 used and the 550 has some issues even with it. In later years Honda made bigger spigots to flow more and they were twice up-sized (for the 900 and 1100) but they do not interchange, the tank fitting welded in changed too.

    The early DOHC 750 part barely is big enough when it is perfectly clean and flowing 100%.

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