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    turn signals not working

    Hi - first post. Picked up a very low mileage '83 CB750. Have a few issues I could use some advice on as I try to get this road worthy.

    Turn signals light up (running lights on front), but don't flash (they turn off when turn signal is activated). There is a fat round solenoid mounted next to the battery and a loose solid green wire that I can't figure out where it goes.

    Is this the turn signal solenoid like I think it is? What is the solid green disconnected wire supposed to go to? It's got a factory spade connector that goes somewhere, but there isn't anything within reach of the wire length.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you in advance for any tips on this.

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    Thatís your turn signal relay. On my 1980 750c, the green wire just hangs out. It isnít supposed to hook up to anything. I replaced the relay on got my rear blinkers to work. From reading other forums yours sounds like it might be a grounding issue. Look up the wiring diagram and go through your grounds and/or replace the relay.

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