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Thread: Stiff clutch??

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    Angry Stiff clutch??

    hello guys new member here.

    I have a 1981 CB750 Custom Cafe Racer
    Last year the clutch was slipping hard so i knew it was going to need a clutch soon. while moving around in the garage i pressed the clutch and heard a snap!!
    thinking what ever probably the cable snapped or stretched. than there was a crap ton of free play in the lever!
    i had to fully tighten the adjuster nut on the clutch side and lever just to get the clutch to disengage.

    SO i ordered a new cable and clutch friction plates.
    installed new friction plates nothing out of the ordinary inside the clutch basket everything looked okay

    installed new cable

    and same thing alot of free play
    even with the clutch adjusted as per manual with the 10mm nut and slot screw behind the cover

    now the clutch is hard and barly disengages the clutch !
    i need help!

    thank you
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    I'd take a close look at the linkage at the cover itself, if the outside arm wore enough to slip past the inner cam could do that.

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