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    Having a crack at a 1982 cb750sc nighthawk carburator

    Hi guys,

    Just joined. I purchased an 82' nighthawk 750 that's been sitting for years and needs carburetor love.
    The bike arrives in two days but I thought I'd get a jump on things and get the service manual.
    I just purchased a manual from and it's supposed to cover the years 1982-2003. There are 3 manuals included in the download:
    1991-1993 TO 1995-2003.pdf

    NO 1982!!

    The Clymer website also didn't have the 1982 nighthawk manual - Does anyone here know where I could get one for 1982 or at least which year is would be closest (especially for carbs).
    Thanks a bunch,

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    You got took. Most of that if not all is free in various places on the net.

    Go there, register for free and then go to the technical documents section and '79-'82 750 and looking for SC model (Nighthawk), you can download the entire service manual for free in sections.

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