Hi All,

We have a "stereo cabinet" which is older than we've been married. A change of scene would be nice. In the picture here, from right to left:
- Purchased end-table, we love it... elm top over black-stained legs.
- TV stand which I made in 2008 with walnut and black MDF. Pretty happy with it.
- The "stereo cabinet" which we don't like very much now.
- A "CD shelf system" which will probably go away too.

Where the stereo cabinet is, something fairly tall would be nice to fill the space. Probably 5 ft. tall -- or somewhat more.

I have seen the Christopher Schwarz "Oak Aumbry" piece and I really like it, but it's not contemporary enough for this room.

I have seen pictures of many Krenov cabinets, and there is much to like, but something with black structure and natural-wood highlights (instead of extensive natural wood) would fit in here better. I don't really fancy curved legs; I would like a more rectilinear version.

Pine cupboards (chimney cupboards?) look pretty nice, but again for this room a yellow wood or a knotty room isn't a great fit. I do have a homemade pine cabinet in another room that goes nicely there, though.

Most of my lumber is 48" or less in length, so a style using those shorter piece lengths while still being fairly tall in composition would be a bonus.

Fire away, I'm brainstorming!



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