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    Hi all, we are from western PA. We came across this 78 CB750A and bought it today as a new project. While a new member here, I have been riding and working on motorcycles for almost 50 years. That said, I have no experience with automatic transmission motorcycles. This Honda has not been ridden this year but the previous owner said the carbs were serviced last year and STABIL was added to the gas when stored. The battery is dead so when we got it home I tired a jump box and the engine cranked but it would not start. Adding some starting fluid it fired but only ran until the fluid was used up. I will check the fuel delivery and go from there. It has some things missing/modified over the years and I am sure finding some of this will be a challenge. We have no time frame to get this running so no rush and we look forward to learning along the way. Here is a picture with the project supervisor, my wife. Looking forward to this and we will have many questions.

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