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    Brake master cylinder, rebuild or replace?

    Hello again,
    My front was a bit blocked up with crud but managed to get it free with compressed air up the line and working enough to allow me to remove all the pistons from the calipers. Now that Iíve fully dismantled the master cylinder, I could easily clean it up in a sand blaster then buy a new rebuild kit and new reservoir as mine is a translucent white plastic one that has deteriorated somewhat. The cost of the rebuild kit and reservoir is about triple the cost of buying a new aftermarket complete front brake unit. What are peopleís thoughts on those aftermarket units from China? My rear also doesnít work so Iíll be probably looking at a similar challenge when I get to that.

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    I wouldn't sand blast it. I imagine you won't get ALL the sand out, but maybe.
    I went with an aftermarket master cylinder. So far so good. I know, it's not original, but mine isn't going to be in any concourse, nor will it be a collector as it isn't now.
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    I've used Chinabay MCs, and found that they must be disassembled, cleaned thoroughly, and reassembled properly with brake fluid lubing the assembly. Don't be surprised at the stuff that comes out when you clean.
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    My thoughts zactly................!!!

    I'm intending on ordering after market MC in a bit, cause both of my fours front brakes are locking up.

    I've rebuilt the calipers, but no the MCs.
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    Was it hard to rebuild the calipers? What tools do i need? Thanks
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