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    best way to prep carburetors before painting?

    I just removed my carburetors and plan to spray paint them with etch primer, nason urethane primer, then nason ful-base-IR basecoat, then clear coat.

    Best way to clean the gunk off of them? Not sure if I should use methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), the Klean Strip MEK substitute I can get at my hardware store easily (which is Acetic acid, ethyl ester or Ethyl acetate), the carb cleaner I have in a can, or something else. I've heard of people using laundry detergent, pine-sol.... I have acetone and denatured alcohol available.

    One youtube video swears by MEK. Thoughts?

    (1980 CB750 C)Click image for larger version. 

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    Not trying to be pessimistic but I dont know if I would spend time painting these carbs. They are terrible carbs to start with but they are absolutely terrible for passages plugging up and needing to be cleaned often if they sit for anytime. Seems some of the passages are very prone to plugging, not sure if its because they are in a spot where fuel sits but at some point in your future you will have to clean them again. I would hate to see you spend a lot of time and money painting them when you will end up having to soak them in carb clean again to get them working.

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    Dirt Digger.... Thanks for sharing. How many and on which bikes you've seen these carbs perform poorly? Did you know they were low performers based on the bike model, the pictures, or both?

    Not sure what my other options are... I could upgrade to dynoman CR29-3026, but that's $1060. And about $1060 more than I want to spend. :-)
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    I have heard of people using Pine-sol too. No experience on it though.
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