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    1982 Honda CB750F

    I've decided to sell my 1982 CB750F. It's a true unmolested survivor and I'm hoping it goes to a good home where it is appreciated. These are getting very hard to come by much less in this condition. This CB750 was stored indoors most of it's life and it shows.

    Paint - What you see is all factory original paint and decals except for the right side cover. It is an aftermarket cover with repop decals. The tail section has some light scuffing on the top.

    Fuel tank - The inside looks like it was made yesterday.

    Exhaust - That's all factory chrome and shine. No rust, no holes, no issues

    Cam cover and engine side cover - Sent them out to be vapor honed. They look like Honda made them yesterday.

    Tires - Brand new factory spec Dunlop D404s

    Mechanicals - It ran pretty well when I bought it, but it had some regular service needs. The bike runs and rides like new. This is the list:

    Regulator/Rectifer. The original was working but I like to install an upgraded unit that extends the life of the stator.
    Complete front fork rebuild. Bushings, seals, etc
    Complete brake system rebuild. All three calipers and master cylinders rebuilt.
    New brake pads all around
    New rear brake rotor
    New spark plugs, caps and wires
    Replaced timing chain tensioner o-ring and plug (common place for these to leak oil)
    Replaced cam cover gasket
    Oil and filter changes
    New chain and sprockets
    New GEL battery
    Carburetors were completely disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, and all internals replaced except for the floats
    Carburetors synchronized
    Rebuilt starter clutch
    Stainless steel brake lines - black coated
    New brake pads
    Low superbike handlebars
    YSS rear shocks
    Saddleman seat cover
    Have original shocks, handlebars, old seat cover (It's not bad, but has a couple of separations)
    20,200 miles

    Asking $3950 and have receipts that total much more.

    pm me with any questions and I can provide many photos and more info if required
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20190413_164444 (002).jpg   IMG_20190413_164456 (002).jpg   IMG_20190413_164502 (002).jpg   IMG_20190413_164507 (002).jpg  

    IMG_20190413_164518 (002).jpg   IMG_20190413_164524 (002).jpg   IMG_20190413_164531 (002).jpg   IMG_20190413_164536 (002).jpg  

    IMG_20190413_164543 (002).jpg   IMG_20190413_164547 (002).jpg   IMG_20190413_164552 (002).jpg   IMG_20190413_164556 (002).jpg  

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