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    New to Forum, but not to cb750 quick charging question.

    Glad I found this forum, I was on another but they seem to have vanished.

    Quick question:

    I was replacing my battery (key off) when I accidentally shorted the positive terminal against the frame while tightening it.

    I notice my charging system is not putting out as much as it should. 12v at battery, 10.95v key on.

    When I start the bike the volts do climb but at 5,000 RPM I just crack 12.08 volts.

    Without testing, should I assume I fried the regulator? Since I see volts climb when running high rpm, I'm guessing the stator is OK?

    Just wondering where I should start. Bike only has 25K miles

    Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated

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    First, check all connections tight and clean. Then take the battery and have it tested.
    "Love 'em all.... Let GOD sort 'em out!"

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