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    Not Sure How to Set Up Fuel

    Hey yall, I have a 82 Honda CB750. Theres no fuel line to the main jet. Petcock to hose and clamps? Which petcock? Its the only thing (i believe haha) that keeps this thing from running. Ive been told about diaphram vs. gravity fed... Sounds like i'd like to switch to gravity fed but i have no idea where to start. Its missing everything from the tank to the carb i think. Im a car guy so i have some experience with a wrench, but cant figure out how to set this up fo the life of me. Ive heard these carbs are hard to take out as well, any tips or tricks?
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    This has the best insructions you will ever find for the dohc carbs:
    "Love 'em all.... Let GOD sort 'em out!"

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