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    1992 Honda Nighthawk troubleshooting Help

    Hello, I am a new rider and riding a 1992 cb750

    What I've done with help from a mechanic:
    -Carb Clean (literally 1-2 weeks ago)
    -Oil Change ( with carb clean)
    -new battery(last week)

    Today, I was riding my Nighthawk and I was throttling and then my RPMs started to go down and as I came to a stop my bike stalled. Pulled over, tried to start it, did not turn on. Tried it with the choke turned on, and it came back to life... only for a mile later and then the same problem happened again. Now, I tried turning the bike on without the choke, struggled, then with the choke and it revved all the way to only 2k(usually it would go to 4k then i would turn off the choke). After awhile of idling it stalled itself again.

    What could be the problem? I have looked up what it might be, people said its a clogged jet, or filter problems. Anything else that might cause this to happen?



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    27 year-old bike. How does the inside of the tank look? Fuel line have an inline filter? A carb clean is wasted if you don't make sure the fuel stays clean going to it. Is the battery being charged? Sounds a little like it is running down. charge it, and if that gets it running good again begin troubleshooting the charging system. I'd start with the battery connections - make sure they are clean and tight.
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