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    Front brake help -> 1991 CB750 Nighthawk

    Greetings, my first post on this forum.

    I haven't worked on a Honda for many years but my son bought one and he needs my help.

    We rebuilt the front caliper and master. We followed shop manual procedures. I also watched a couple YouTube videos to check my work.

    When assembled the master doesn't produce pressure; not enough to work the brake. I have bled them several times using a power bleeder, changed the rubbers in the master and replaced the banjo bolt crush washers. Nothing leaks. I have said a prayer to the motorcycle gods.

    Any thoughts? Your help would be appreciated.

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    Often you need to bleed the MC itself before attaching the banjo bolt. It's messy. Wear nitrile gloves and protect paint. Also, make sure a cup has not rolled out of position in the MC.
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