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Thread: Which pistons

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    Which pistons

    Hi all I have a 78k and i was looking at reboring the cylinders and am on lookout for good quality pistons. Are there some good aftermarket ones that are available. I saw a seller Cruzinimage on ebay who has pistons for $120. Are they good or do you guys recommend someone else?

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    I have a set Cruzinimage pistons on my 75 cb750, they are actually pretty darn good. Sure you can get better from say cyclexchange or Ape, but unless your building a race bike you can't beat Cruzinimage
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    There have been some issues with the crusinimage pistons having inconsistent piston dome heights, if you go that way be sure to measure and mock up everything so you can calculate compression. Different years of 750 have different height cylinders so you may have to do some machining to get accurate compression ratio number. If you want good quality pistons go to Cycle Xchange, different types( cast and forged) and options as well as may different sizes to consider. They also have packages with pistons and cylinders already bored to fit. You get what you pay for do you want to skimp on engine internals??

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