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    Looking for a bit of advice on a 1976 CB750F

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    New to the forum, my name is Dave Clark, from Columbus Ohio. I have a stock original condition 1976 CB750F, with 7,900-odd miles. Running and riding. I thought I was going to use the motor for a 70's 'Jammer' hardtail frame chopper project, but I think that would be a terrible thing to do with this motorcycle.

    I was going to disassemble, super-clean and detail everything, and repaint the tank and tail. But, I am even wondering about that plan. Questions I have:

    In terms of the disassembly/detailing - this motorcycle still has the yellow-paint assembly markings from the factory. Would this be important to a person interested in buying one of these motorcycles?

    How important would it be to repaint it in a factory color, to an enthusiast shopping for one of these?

    My concern is that if I am looking for a motorcycle that is slightly non-stock, painted in a a non-stock color, etc.... maybe my best bet would be to sell this to someone that would restore it to pure factory-original - keep it non-molested. Then I could buy another similar CB750 that would not be de-valued by changes that veer from factory original.

    The question becomes, what would this motorcycle be worth to a CB750 enthusiast that values original condition motorcycles? I know most of these have been molested in one way or another.

    Thank you in advance for any input. I was thinking of posting it in the classifieds, but wanted to get a few opinions of people that know a lot more than I do about these motorcycles.


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    If you are really looking to just get rid of it I wouldnt do much to it if it is in general good shape. Painting or detailing it really wont get you anymore money. The bike really isnt super collectable. Not like a early K or sandcast bike. Collectors are looking for the really early bikes. If its all stock and in good shape its worth more then a beat up molested bike but not really worth a ton of money. It looks to be in good shape so it would be a shame to cut it up. Maybe you could find someone with a motor and do a good trade for the bike. Or use the motor in your project and keep the rest of the bike around for when you get tired of the hardtail and throw it back to stock and go ride.

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    Thank you, dirtdigger - your knowledge and advice is appreciated and makes sense to me. That is exactly the input I needed. I definitely am not going to cut it up, and I have another motor that could be used for the chopper project. I am thinking of doing the painting and detailing, and keeping this CB750F pretty much the way it is, because it does ride nice. Thanks again.

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    Just my personal take here. You have what appears to be a "survivor". Not a super nice one, but getting fewer every day. I would only clean, wax, and preserve it. Then get another 750 junker to chop. There are tons of old CB750s on Craigslist to chop up. I bought a '79 F this summer that I'm rescuing as a rat bike because it had been left in the elements since '99. Would have been a good chop candidate, but that was not my plan. Seller was asking $400, I was prepared to offer $300, after looking at it he said he would take no less than $250. A non-runner, but took little to get running. Your survivor is worth a lot more than that. I look at it this way: 10 years from now, your bike will be worth a lot more than it is now. A chopper, even done well and maintained will be worth less than 50% of what you invested in it.
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    I have the exact same motorcycle that has already been torn done. I have the clean NYS title. I was looking to rebuild it stock, but right now I am finishing a 1977 750K. If you are interest maybe we can work a deal.


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