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    1980 CB750C idle help?

    Hey friends! Iíve got a quick question. I just had all my body panels/tank/seat painted so the bike sat for about a month and a half, now when I put it back together, it wonít IDLE! And when it does, itís for a measly couple seconds. Can any of you help me locate the idle screws or any tips to help with the idle?

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    The idle adjustment is under the carbs, I think right in the middle.
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    Make sure the tank painting did not dislodge some internal crud and plug fuel flow. You do have an in-line fuel filter, don't you?
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    If you need to bump up the idle to further troubleshoot the bike, reach under the carbs directly in the center and adjust the black knob that imaged below. adjust it clockwise for more idle .
    Click image for larger version. 

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