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    Red face I'M A BELIEVER!!!

    Read a lot on here about these bikes not running properly with pods. The new-to-me 1980 CB750K I acquired had the dreaded pods installed and ran simply awful! Luckily for me, the PO kept the stock airbox and boots. So.....I spent a couple hours this afternoon replacing the pods with the stock airbox. I believe that I must have invented more than one new profanity while attempting this feat! This airbox install is not for the faint of heart! Anyway, finally got it installed with a new filter and IT RUNS ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! No more 6,000 rpm max, no more hesitation, it literally runs like new and all I changed was going back to the stock airbox. When you hear....they don't run right with pods.....Believe it!
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    Seems the first thing to do installing the airbox (after a podectomy) is to pull the carbs. Only way that I see a space to fit it through. I'll be fine, though. Never plan to remove the air box.
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    pods are fine as long as you rejet properly and they look cool too.

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