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    Yet another newbie

    Greetings all;

    I just joined today, have been going over the forums for a bit as I start in on my '82 750F build. It was a $300 Craigslist special, with all that implies. I'll be doing a complete teardown and rebuild over the next year or so. When I'm done it will have all the stock bodywork, which I've always loved. Pretty much everything else is open at this point. My one firm decision has been that I'm going to rework the gas tank, installing a modern filler assembly. Yah, altering classic metal bothers me a bit, but I intend to keep and ride this for the long term. And I always found the locking-bar and detached gas cap thing rather kludgy.

    No photos as yet. We've all seen piles of rusty metal before anyway.

    I've successfully disassembled the rear caliper. Pistons eventually yielded to an applied heat gun of quite unreasonable capability and a set of brake-piston pliers. Both fronts are so far resisting more effectively. The seals are literally calcified. Air don't budge things. I won't do grease. Going to try rotting the rubber in an acetone soak next methinks. Any suggestions not involving explosives or dark magic will be gleefully considered.

    See you out there,

    Peter L.
    Cobb, CA

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    A toss towards the large green canister in the corner and a trip to eBay will (hopefully) solve my similar issues. I hooked upa freshly rebuilt and primed master with single line to the front calipers for my '87 GL1000 and pumped them out. Do this outside with no vehicles around and cover it with a towel. I had the master temporarily mounted to a handlebar to give leverage.
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