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    **SUPER RARE** 1981 Honda 900 SuperSport CB900F - ONLY 5k miles

    1981 Honda CB900F Supersport
    5,296 miles
    Incredible survivor - near perfect condition
    Complete in every way
    1 owner for 35+ years
    Complete documentation from original owner: owners manual, 1981 sales receipt from Lockport NY Honda, original sales brochure, original Cycle World magazine - 7 page article / review, copy / scan of original title.

    Super rare bike - NOT a dual-range 10 speed CB900 classic. There is a boatload of info online discussing the European development and release and its long-anticipated import to the U.S. Everyone knows the CBX, and although it made more power than the SuperSport, its added weight made it slower and dulled the handling (per my research). Wikipedia says 95 HP, 11.84 in the quarter mile, none of which I can confirm.

    The bike has been gone through, fluids changed, carbs cleaned, fork seals replaced, brake calipers rebuilt, brand new 0-mile AGM battery. Mechanically you are viewing a bulletproof Honda with 5,000 miles - no odd noises or any issues. Mechanic only put shakedown miles after completing the maintenance items above.


    Please feel free to call or text Tim 570-806-1337 with questions or for more information.

    Located in NE PA.
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    Sorry I canít figure out how to add a pic, so let me know and Iíll text right out. Thanks!

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