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Thread: Advice needed!

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    Advice needed!

    Hey All,

    Got my 82' cb750 first try starting after a week or two of cleaning. Although, I can not seem to get her smoothed out, she started to ghost idle to 3 or 4k and popping from the exhaust. I plan to check the boots for air leaks, but I was hoping someone would be able to give me some insight about the air flow screw positioning? Right now, they are 2.5 turns from lightly seated. When I give her gas, she immediately will die.

    Is the black screw in the middle of the carbs the idle screw? Also, there is one more screw that sticks out above carb one and two, what is that for? Its a skinny one, with a black rubber housing.

    Thank you for your patience, the extent of my motorcycle mechanic knowledge comes from breaking this thing down and building it up... new, but learning!

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    The black know controls idle. Spray wd40 on carb boots see if idle changes. 2.5 turns should be good start

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