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    Fresh '82 CB750 Build

    Hey guys, figured I would share CB750 build with the forum. It has been an interesting one.. I'm typicaly a little more of a car guy but I was in Miami one day, saw a cafe racer and fell in love. I looked at it sitting there in my girlfriend's grandmother's parking garage; and knew I had to have one. So I began searching, and working like crazy until I found the one. I didn't get one of those $500 steal deals like I see a lot of you guys score on, but I think what I found was a decent package.

    It was a 1982 CB750C, pretty much a rolling chassis.
    It came with :
    Hayabusa forks w. clip on handlebars already installed..
    brand new Takasago Excel rims,
    brand new Avon Roadrider tires,
    Tokico 6 piston caliper brakes,
    a custom fuel tank from a '77 750,
    extremely clean keihin factory carbs,
    along with another set of Mikunis (still debating if I'm going to use these later on or not)
    freshly gone through 750 motor, and another motor I still need to go back for.
    Oh how could I forget, it also came with a CB900 oil pump, oil pan, oil cooler, and a CB900 cam I will be installing later.

    I'm gonna be honest, I ended up paying $2k for the set up. But when I got there and started looking at everything & doing the math in my head, this is actually a pretty damn good deal.

    So the build has been pretty fun, and also a bit of a learning curve. Things have been smooth sailing, all the way up to the wiring. I also have a rear set issue/dilemma that I've been trying to figure out since I first bought the bike. Not a fan of the factory setup at all. Time to share (I also have a few questions)

    How she was when I first brought her home..

    Purchased some fairly inexpensive hand controls, throttle, and grips off of amazon. They seem pretty decent, only time will tell if they last

    Here's the motor I plan on dropping in, still have to clean it up some with a little black paint and polishing

    I wanted to see what she looked like at night

    After a short delay, finally got moved into the new place. I really enjoy taking pictures of this bike, if you can't tell. Haha

    Little selfie shot.. I'm 6'1 so I wanted to see how if I looked like a clown on a children's bicycle. It actually fits me pretty well

    Stripped down, grinding off the unnecessary junk.. no I didn't do this in my living room. It was definitely in my spare bedroom

    Managed to get the motor in all by myself. With some help from the carpet (not scratching anything from laying it on its side)

    Getting there. ..yup - this is my "garage" although, its usually a little more organized.

    I will keep you guys updated frequently. I would like to have it ready for paint by the end of the month. My goal is a test ride on my birthday, August 30th. I do have some questions/advice needed. I will save them for the next post
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    So I'm getting down to the wiring on the bike. I bought a manual for it, but it doesn't specify everything

    I've been trying to find a source to figure out these tabs on the solenoid. I'm guessing they are just connections - 2 for the battery side and 2 for the starter?

    Can anyone direct me where to find this mounting bolt, or give me specifics so I can just buy a non spec bolt to run through it?

    I'm guessing red, and red w white stripe go to battery, and the other two go on the starter side? (on the solenoid)

    The bike came with a universal 4 wire, three point (off/acc/on) ignition switch. But I can't find a diagram for what wires lead to what. I'm hoping someone is familiar with these and give me a direction?

    Any and all help is appreciated guys, thanks in advance!

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    This may help

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