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Thread: Ign. fault

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    Ign. fault

    Spent most of the late winter an early spring putting my F back together.
    I finally got a chance to ride and found that after about 20 min. running time 2 and 3 would cut out, after a few min. running on 1 and 4 it would kick back in and run good for quite a while sometimes and other times it would only run for a short time and quit again.. I went through all the wiring and cleaned all connections. Nothing bad stood out as obvious. After taking a chance I ordered another Dyna ign. system. Installed it and set it up and timed and wow. It runs like a bear now. Put about 100 miles on her and not a problem at all. I only have about 1000 miles on the Dyna system that failed and I am running their coils. Is this a common failure and am I going to repeat this problem in the near future? Just asking, chuter

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    Certain part number spread did go bad, but that was many years ago.

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