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    Red face Current advice on exhaust options

    Hi y'all,

    My '74 CB750k4 is in great condition, all original, 10k miles and runs fine. Headers are good, but the mufflers are badly rusted out. For me, this bike is a nice looking classic rider, not a concours restoration project.
    I'm looking for some input to help me decide what replacement exhaust I should go with. I know many of you have been faced with this decision, and I would love to hear your stories and opinions good or bad. I like the looks and sound of the original 4 pipe scheme, but the cost to replace them is daunting. I also like the look of a 4 into 1 with the right set up, and actually prefer stainless steel.

    What I'd really like to find is a 4 into 1, or alternatively a 4 into 2 with paired mufflers, mimicking the original upper/lower theme, I've seen this somewhere, but so far have not found anyone offering what I'm looking for.

    Here are a couple options I'm evaluating.

    Option 1. 4 into 4 OE style aftermarket. Looks like a choice of David Silver Spares (quality??) @ $1100 + domestic shipping, or one of several Japanese versions - cheapest I've seen is like $1600 + shipping from Japan.

    Option 2. 4 into 1. The stainless steel header from Delkevic seems quite nice. Don't really favor their straight or megaphone mufflers though. Considering Delkevic headers and collector + Cone Engineering's 18" "Quiet Core" reverse taper bolt on muffler.

    Option 4. Custom (???) setup from a local source (I'm in MN)

    I would like the keep the centerstand if possible. I prefer not to have to play with re-jetting.
    And I do like a little noise, i.e. low, rumbly, throaty, growly; but not a lot of noise, i.e sharp, blatty, crackly, shrieky.

    Anybody care to chime in?

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    2,660 Ken is a good guy. Anytime you change the design of the exhaust you will change what the engine needs for fuel so rejetting is required to get the best results.

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    Thanks Dirtdigger!
    I had looked at that site before, but somehow missed a lot of it. Duh! I think Ken has what I'm looking for. I'll be giving him a call. Your point regarding re-jetting is well taken. I will bone up on jetting procedures, sizes, and what's worked well for others. Pretty comfortable working with carbs, but would like to keep the experimentation to a mimimum, as repetitive disassembly/reassembly seems like it would be kind of a pain. I suppose the more you do it though, the easier it gets.

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