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    #3 fires when it wants

    Yes I have read on this forum
    Yes I have googled other forums as well
    Yes I have found similar topics

    I have a 75 cb750 motor(told it belonged to John Soliday)
    Dyna electric ignition, Accel coils/wires, Nkg plugs, 7A carbs,

    So what's going on is
    #3 doesn't always fire and never at idle
    I've gone through my carbs even put on a freshly rebuilt loaner set, I am getting fuel
    With no change
    Have swapped plugs and wires,
    Even re wired coils so as to fire 1/4 off 2/3 and vise versa, I am getting spark
    No change
    Compression is 155-165 across all 4

    At idle #3 only warms up if i go ride it it well sometimes fire in 2nd gear rpms aournd 6k rpm
    And ALMOST always in 3rd & 4th gear 5-6k rpm

    I'd say carbs but even after cleaning mine it didn't help so I put on a set my friend just rebuilt with no luck either
    I adjusted valve .002/.003 had some noise so buddy that I got it from said it's got a preformance cam and to set it .003/.004
    I did no change

    Driving me nuts

    If any buddy thanks the can help I'll even give you my cell# so we can talk

    Thanks fellas

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    Is the plug wet? If its wet the no spark or mechanical issue. If its dry no fuel and still could have a mechanical issue if you have a wiped out lobe...intake not opening letting in fuel air mixture...or exhaust not opening causing similar issue. If it was a new cam put in with old rocker arms it can easily and very likely destroyed a cam lobe.

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