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    I'm new..I don't know what to do...J.D.

    I was given a CB 750. Needs some work.. I know I need a carburetor and airbox(or alternative). . This is my first motorcycle and I'm really excited about working on it and getting it road ready. . any advice on where to get the parts I need would be great. (Pretty sure that's all I need to get her running.)

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    What year?

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    Parts for these bikes are madly expensive ….like almost made of gold ...sorry to say that many people are greedy in this buisness …

    Well … try out in Netherland …..they have everything ..just remenber that their prices is shown without tax ...and then when you finish your shopping basket get a Heart attack

    Sometimes you can be Lucky on …..but mostly these parts are higly priced

    Try out ...ebay kleinanzeigen ...sometimes greed is less spoken out disease there

    Good luck

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