I'm a new rider who, after putting several hundred miles on a 125cc Honda Dream, finally got serious on a 400cc Honda Steed. My first big trip was the Mae Hong Son Loop through northern Thailand. If you've never heard of it, mark it down as a biker's pilrimage to complete before you die. At any rate, I ran out of gas one day about a mile from a gas station (dumb, yeah, I know). The good news was the mile was all down hill. I put the bike in neutral and let myself coast. I didn't ride the brake, but did try to keep myself from gaining too much speed. Before long the brake failed completely; I would have been in big, big trouble had the road not flattened out at that point.
I fueled up, got the bike running again, and after a short test ride in an adjacent parking lot discovered I had regained braking power. I'm trying to learn bike mechanics but am still in the dark can anyone tell me what happened?

Please help.

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