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    Camshaft journals

    Im in the process of an enginerebuild. My cam shaft journals looks like this. Kinda rough and not shiny. Is thia ok or there should be something to be done. I know there is no bearing there like the crankshaft...
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    It looks like oil filling in the imperfections. Does it feel smooth? Try cleaning it with degreaser. Don't rub it with anything that can scratch the soft material.

    The easiest way I know to be sure is plastigauge. You'd need to remove all the valves first.

    PS Every cap must go back in it's original position. I hope you marked them.

    The shims sitting in the valve lifters are all different too, they must be kept organized so they can go back in the original positions.
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    All of the pressure is on the cam caps, all of the wear will be on the caps, the valve spring pressure always pushes the cams up, the only places you will likely see wear on the bottom is the journels closest to the cam chain as it pulls the cams down. I would run it provided the cap looks good and clearances check out. Kind of looks like the surface was etched from moisture or acids in old engine oil after sitting for a long time.

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    Great info.. tnx

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