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    Please help

    Hey guys so I bought a 1983 cb750 for my 20th birthday, got it for a steal, so far Iíve done a lot to it. I had my carborator cleaned out by a buddy who also helped me, change my oil, change my front break and clutch fluid, I swapped out new sparks, and I got a bigger gel battery in it because mine kept dying. Sheís running but over heats, and it takes a while to warm the bike up.
    Also my speedometer doesnít work so I have to get a new cable. Other than that any suggestions what it could be for my bike over heating? Much appreciated - jebac

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    They all take awhile to warm up and idle speed changes with temp. Welcome to the world of mechanical carbs.

    How do you know it's too hot? Found this quote about "normal temps" elsewhere.

    "The exhaust side of the head near the "flowers" is about 320 degrees F. The intake side is about 205 degrees F. The outer head fins are near 180 degrees F. The top of the #4 cylinder is about 170 degrees F and the lower fins are about 150 degrees F. The upper case is about 125 degrees."

    The only things that cool it are oil and air.

    The common things that would cause it to run hotter then normal are too lean a mixture, bad or too much oil, higher then stock compression, dirt covered engine.

    Battery type shouldn't make a difference. If the charging system ain't keeping a small battery up, it surely won't keep up a big (higher Ah) one. The only reason I ever lose batteries is forgetting to check the fluid level and they run dry.
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