A friend's dad is wanting to sell his 81CB750K, very original and unmolested. Low miles around 6K. It's stored at my buddys house and I haven't talked directly with his dad yet but I stopped by to look at the bike because the picture he showed me of it made it look pretty nice. It's been off the road for a while I believe because the last sticker on the license plate says 2007. Battery is dead of course and my buddy did not have the keys so I didn't get a chance to look inside of the gas tank. It has been Stored in dry garage so it's very dirty, but the paint and chrome should clean up nice.

I'm figuring that it will need the usual rebuild of carbs, brake system, new battery, new tires and other typical things needed on old bikes that have sat.

Clear title in his dad's name and he's looking to get it out of his garage. I don't want to insult his dad by making a lowball offer. I don't mind putting money and work in because that's actually what I'm looking for is a project.

Any opinions on what kind of offer I should make on the bike?